Monday, February 1, 2010

Long time no post

So yeah, I've been really busy for quite some time now it seems. Finally got the chance to update this blog again. Recently I've been working on an actual Wii Game Engine (sorta). I'm hoping to have it help me make a ton of Wii games in little time (good ones at that). I have a small tech demo that shows off some of the features of it.

The big one that I want to highlight is the home button menu. In most games, this is done within the actual game function. IE: if your playing a game, it is not only checking for in game things, but it's also waiting for you to press the home button at that same part. I don't know if everyone does it that way, but I changed mine around. Instead, I set it up to run on a separate thread. For me it means I don't have to add in the code to have it wait for the button to be pressed each time, which saves me coding time. For people who play these games, it means that each one of them will have a behind the scenes mp3 player built in! This means that instead of listening to my sometimes awful music skills, you can plug in a flash drive or SD card, and listen to songs off of that. It currently let's you choose a song from a folder titled "mp3" or mp3s" (without the quotes). It will then play it continuously when you press 1 and stop when your go back to the home menu and press 2. On top of that, it will stop all other in game music, but keep the sound effects working. That's the big highlight for noticeable features in the engine.

Among other small things, it has a small physics portion, wifi support, a pretty good font engine, and a nice 2D graphics system featuring sprites, backgrounds, and regular old images :D It also has mp3 support, mod support, and raw support as well. Then you have the fat file system for USB and SD, and I'm pretty sure DVD-R (although I haven't been able to test that out too thoroughly). It also has very basic 3D support, but the only sort of big thing there is md5 model support (with animations :) ).

Feel free to comment about the game below, and also feel free to suggest simplistic game ideas too. I really wanna try and get this engine (?) setup properly. Not really sure what to call it as it's not quite a game engine is it? Anyways XD leave your comments below :D

Snow Day Game Download Link: Download

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