Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun With Sound

Well, with all this free time I have recently, I've worked quite a bit more on some Wii stuff. Currently porting Alien Puzzle to the Wii, with a much, much better level editor, better sounds, and more types of in-game objects. On top of that, I've been playing with the Wii Remote's speaker recently, and am currently looking into playing simple little notes. After that I'm hoping to take a crack at how to get actual sounds loaded (which I can do, they just come up with lots of static, and are horrible sounding due to the quality difference probably). Also got my game development library to be able to get the Wii Remote's orientation much more easily with one command.

On the subject of the Wii version of Alien Puzzle, I'm currently in the final parts of it (Wii Remote speaker sound being one of the few things that I'm working on with it) and am currently needing levels for it to include with the game. I am so far lacking creativity for them and would be happy with level donations. The new level format is a bit different, however I find it much easier to create levels with. Here is an example level file:

And here is the outcome:

To create a level, simply create a 20x13 RGBA png, with a transparent background. Then, place a the following pixels where you want your in-game object to appear:

R G B Object
0 255 0 Main Character Starting point
255 255 0 End of level teleporter
255 0 0 A bomb
0 255 255 A gem
0 0 255 A wall

There are other types as well, but I will show those later as they are a bit more complex, and are still being worked on. After creating your level, you can simply post the picture link in a comment below, and I'll run it through my converter (which will be made public with the release) and put it into the game when it's released. All levels will be able to be loaded via a file system, so there shouldn't really be a limit on how many levels you can have :)

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